Nov. 20, 2019

Just in time for Thanksgiving, President Trump tweeted a parody image of himself as Rocky Balboa. Twitter blushed.

“Would this qualify as #fakenews?” asked one observer.

Little did the world notice Trump posted a suspicious photo on Facebook a few days earlier:


Aside from the jarring grammar (“As one of our top supporters, I . . .”), the post looks a bit off.  

Is this the “real” Donald Trump?  Or a less obvious photoshop?

Trim and lean in this promo, Trump looks like Rocky Balboa in a suit.  Perhaps his holiday workout really worked out, or  . . . 

Two days later, at the Apple computer plant, President Trump morphed back to his usual girth and stance:

Apple plant, Nov. 20, 2019



Perhaps Trump would like us to perceive him as Rocky.  But images and video of the real Donald Trump tell a different story.  

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