Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman is honored by the U.S. Senate

Senate Q&A

Was President Trump tolerant of the intimidation of Vice President Pence?

Michael van der Veen, Trump attorney: “We’re not going to know the answer to those facts in this proceeding, because the House did nothing to investigate what went on.” 

Rep. Jamie Raskin: “We sent a letter on Feb. 4th, I sent it directly to President Trump, inviting him to come and to explain and fill in the gaps of what happened there. And they sent back a contemptuous response, I think, a few hours later.  I think they maybe even responded more quickly to my letter than President Trump did as a commander-in-chief to the invasion and the storming of the Capitol of the United States. . . . Rather than yelling at us and screaming about how we didn’t have time to get all of the facts about what your client did, bring your client up here and have him testify under oath about why he was sending out tweets denouncing the vice president of the United States, while the vice president was being hunted down by a mob that wanted to hang him.”

Rep. Raskin: “This is about preserving the republic: setting a standard of conduct for the president of the United States, so this never happens again.”

Two hours of Q&A:

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