Senate impeachment trial, February 10, 2021:

Rep. Jamie Raskin: “President Trump, according to [Trump lawyer] Mr. Caster, is essentially an innocent bystander who got swept up in this catastrophe, but did nothing wrong. In this assertion, Mr. Caster unerringly echos his client ex-President Trump, who declared after the insurrection that his conduct in the affair was totally appropriate. And therefore, we can only assume he could do and would do the exact same thing again, because he said his conduct was totally appropriate.”

Rep. Joaquin Castro: “[Trump] truly made his base belief that the only way he could lose was if the election was rigged. And senators, all of us know, and all of us understand, how dangerous that is for our country.”

Rep. Joe Neguse: “[Trump] was telling Americans that their vote had been stolen. And in America, our vote is our voice. So his false claims about election fraud, that was the drum beat being used to inspire, instigate, and ignite them—to anger them.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell: “This wasn’t just some random guy at the neighborhood bar blowing off steam. This was our commander-in-chief. Day after day, he told his supporters false outlandish lies that the victory, that the election outcome, was taken and it was rigged. And he had absolutely no support for his claims—but that wasn’t the point.  He wanted to make his base angrier and angrier. And to make them angry, he was willing to say anything.”

Rep. Ted Lieu:  “How did our exceptional country get to the point where a violent mob attacked our Capitol, murdering a police officer, assaulting over 140 other officers? How did we get to a point where rioters desecrated, defiled, and dishonored your Senate chamber, where the very place in which you sit became a crime scene, and where National Guard troops still patrol outside, wearing body armor? I’ll show you how we got here. President Donald J. Trump ran out of non-violent options to maintain power.”

Rep. Madeleine Dean: “Donald Trump told his supporters, they are stealing the election. They took away your vote. It’s rigged. That was not true. According to judge after judge, the truth was exactly the opposite. Trump was not suing to ensure election integrity. He was pursuing lawsuits that would in effect strip away American votes so that he could win. In other words, Donald Trump was asking the judiciary to take away votes from Americans so that he could steal the election for himself.”

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