On the Geraldo Rivera radio show, August 6, 2020, Donald Trump spoke of something he called “Power A.”

RIVERA: “I wonder if you have ever thought of life, post-president.”

TRUMP: “I don’t think about it.”

RIVERA: “You have Democrats saying they have to send the militia in to get you out of the White House if you lose.”

TRUMP: “Power A. It’s the power of positive thinking. Just think forward.”

RIVERA: “Like [Norman] Vincent Peale. That’s right. That was your pastor.”

A search for the new-agey term “Power A” comes up empty, but Rivera immediately recognized the influence of Norman Vincent Peale. “He thought I was his greatest student of all time,” Trump has said of the self-help guru.

Axios reporter Jonathan Swan recently asked Trump whether his allegiance to the concept affected his response to the virus pandemic.

SWAN: “Over the years, I’ve heard you talk about your adherence to a philosophy called positive thinking.  Is this the mantra that if you believe something, if you visualize it, then it will happen?”

TRUMP: “To an extent.”

Trump has previously tweeted a related Peale quote:

This will-worship, or self-hypnotism, ignores all questions of morality.   

And it certainly isn’t biblical Christianity.

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