Holy Bible

The Holy Bible consists in 39 books of the Hebrew Old Testament, and 27 books of the Greek New Testament. By the wonders of the internet, you can read the Bible online in several versions, compared side-by-side, and you can increase your understanding by tracing the original Hebrew and Greek:

Founding documents

Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers are eight-five essays published from October 1787 to May 1788 that shed light on the meaning and intent of the U.S. Constitution. Written under the pen-name “Publius”—really John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison—the papers were essentially op-ed letters to the editor, written to local New York newspapers, intended to persuade the people of the state to adopt the new U.S. Constitution in place of the old Articles of Confederation.

The papers were directed to critics of the Constitution, namely anti-federalists. Read both the Federalist and Anti-federalist papers: